Aaron Hernandez

Active: Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Voice Part: Tenor

Favorite Memory: "Rehearsal time in general. We fought and screamed but still managed to make magic happen on stage and love each other that much more because of it."

Adam Hammer - "Meow Mix"

Active: Spring 2014 - Spring 2017

Voice Part: Bass/Vocal Percussion

Favorite Memory: "Well dang, I have to think of a favorite memory? I'd say the entire ICCA experience when we were at Somerville in 2016. It was my favorite set by far, the group had so much energy, and we all felt extremely happy and content with our performance! I also won the Perc-Off, so I guess that was cool?"

Alexia Lamb - "Mother Nature"

Active: Fall 2014 - Spring 2017

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "S'tuned Olympics absurdity"

Austin Antle - "Aca-Dad"

Active: Fall 2013 - Fall 2017

Voice Part: Bass/Vocal Percussion

Favorite Memory: "I'd have to say my favorite memory of Stay Tuned was planning the group's first invitational and sitting down the night before to talk about our favorite songs, and how excited we were to put on our first invitational as a the new group on campus."

Brian Sweeney - "Da Sween"

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2015

Voice Part: Bass

Favorite Memory: "The most memorable moment for me will always be the closing of our first ICCA set in 2013. To put together such an incredible show in such a short amount of time is something remarkable, and for me, it was only a preview of what the group was capable of doing. The response from the crowd was unbelievable, and it was then that I realized I was a part of something very special – a family that can come together despite the circumstances to create truly inspiring music." 

Caitlyn Hungerford - "S.M. Jones"

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2016

Voice Part: Soprano

Favorite Memory: "Getting a standing ovation at our first ever ICCA Quarterfinals (only a few months after Stay Tuned formed)!"

Catherine Weston - "Budgie" / "Defreetsville" / "The Shep"

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2016

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "There are so many memories with Stay Tuned that it's hard to pick a favorite. One that sticks out was right before our second invitational when former member Jack McKenna presented everyone in the group with small orange ribbons to wear during the show to show support for Multiple Sclerosis since I had been diagnosed a few months before."

Cory Hecht

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Voice Part: Bass/Vocal Percussion

Favorite Memory: "Every moment with Stay Tuned was special and memorable, but two of the best memories were right after the last chord of Defying Gravity at the ICCAs, and the time that Stay Tuned threw a birthday party for me in the Knowles North basement. I still have all of the silly gifts, and the tiara."

Derek Sager - "Derlick" / "Doof-Doof"

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2016

Voice Part: Tenor/Vocal Percussion


Favorite Memory: "Definitely a tie between my first and my last ICCA Quarterfinals. The first time, we didn't expect anything. We were surprised we even got accepted in the first place. But between getting a standing ovation and placing 4th, it was such an amazing experience. My last ICCA, I felt like there were days where the group was working against me. But when Mike and I received the score sheet and saw we placed 4th, it made me feel like a proud parent. This is something that I really helped lead this group to do and it felt incredible hearing everyone literally scream bloody murder about getting 4th place. This group will always be my family and I'm so happy to have spent 4 amazing years with them."

Elizabeth Stargiotti - "Liz" / "Cozy" / "Coozie"

Active: Fall 2015 - Fall 2017

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "My first ICCA, when we drove to Boston, hung out at Quincy Market, came in 4th, and then hung out in a hotel room until we fell asleep. I really bonded with people who are now some of my closest friends on that trip, and I wouldn't change a thing about it!"

Emily Brodtman

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2013

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "I have never felt a closer bond with a group than the moment 'Defying Gravity' ended and we were left on stage with a standing ovation. That was the moment Stay Tuned was really founded and I love and respect every person I shared a stage with that night; you're all so talented and I can't wait to see where you find yourself in the future!"

Emily Wright - "Alfredo"

Active: Fall 2017 - Fall 2018

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "

Jack McKenna - "Diva" / "Judy"

Active: Fall 2012 - Spring 2015

Voice Part: Tenor

Favorite Memory: "My favorite memory is the one that led to my ultimate nick name. I went into the audition room and had sung my piece. The group proceeded to ask me questions and then a moment like no other came to be. They had refered to this video that I had been watching on loop. It was the "I Don't Care" video of Judy Garland. I started to sing the tune and the group blew up in absolute amazement. Later that night I had gone to a concert and ran into Shaina and we both did not know what to do because obviously she could not tell me the results of the audition. She smiled, said hello, and sat down and we watched the concert. That little tune made me the Tune I am today ;) "

James Gillick - "Not So Raven"

Active: Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Voice Part: Bass

Favorite Memory:

Jeremy Reff - "Hokey" / "Pop Fly"

Active: Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

Voice Part: Tenor/Bass

Favorite Memory: "Right before my first Invi, we had been working incredibly hard and had done 10 new sings that semester. About 5 minutes before Invi we all gathered in a room and got into a circle. I was so confused at first to be honest, but I went along with it. In complete silence everyone grabbed each other's hands. One by one we felt a squeeze on the right hand and then squeezed our left. That was when I finally realized how much of a family this group is."

Joseph Janover - "LBJ"

Active: Fall 2015 - Fall 2018

Voice Part: Tenor/Vocal Percussion

Favorite Memory: "My favorite memories from Stay Tuned were the moments within rehearsals where we would be learning or singing through arrangements and we would all just bust out laughing over little mistakes in a section or markings that were purposely put in for humor. This led to inside jokes on occasions more than could be counted... the times of absolute joy and feeling of being wanted in a group of individuals in which you knew you were living in a time in your life in which you aren’t able to relive. Memories make up Stay Tuned. I’ll never forget my time in the group, and all it has taught me."

Josh Eichhorn - "#FreeJosh"

Active: Fall 2012 - Fall 2014

Voice Part: Bass

Favorite Memory: "It actually happened after I left. I got to watch Stay Tuned perform for the first time at ICCAs after I left. It was amazing to see all the work we put into the group pay off. They may not have placed in the competition, but the energy, talent, and dedication that I saw on that stage, even after I left, will stick with me"

Justin Sosbee - "The Cap"

Active: Fall 2014 - Spring 2016

Voice Part: Tenor/Vocal Percussion


Favorite Memory


Katie Porter - "RIP"

Active: Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

Voice Part: Alto

Favorite Memory: "One of my favorite memories with Stay Tuned was traveling to Boston for the ICCA's. Getting to travel to another state for a few days, going sightseeing, and performing with my favorite people is one memory I won’t forget!"

Kayleigh Junz - "Sunshine"

Active: Fall 2016 - Fall 2017

Voice Part: Soprano

Favorite Memory: "Probably when we performed 'Stacy's Mom' for the first time at the Pitches' invi! Everyone was so excited as soon as they figured out the song, and when we did the kazoo solo (which to me feels like the most 'Stay-Tuned' thing in our repertoire), everyone went wild, the energy was crazy and I was just having the time of my life with my musical family!"

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